Yunomi Cups

Yunomi cups are the every day tea cups that Japanese people use.  The Greenwich House Pottery Studio and Gallery in Greenwich Village in Manhattan recently sponsored a national competition focussing on Yunomi cups.  Here are the 7 I made.  I entered 3 in the competition.  I’ll know on March 21st if any of them were accepted.  I learned so much from this exercise that I have won already.  I learned to make more than one piece if it really mattered to me how a final one –or 3- turned out.  I learned to work smaller than I ever do.  I learned to carve small pieces.  I got back in touch with

English porcelain which I love.  I learned to paint bisque pieces with mason stain slip–not easy on small pieces.  And I learned to try new things–always an event at my age.

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Larry’s Piece

Pottery McCarley

This is Larry's high school sculture and my new piece.

This is my friend and fraternity brother Larry Keeble’s  60th birthday present piece.  He made the wooden sculpture in high school and gave it to a mutual friend.  We decided for Larry’s 60th birthday he should get it back but with a piece of my pottery in his signature color–red!  Larry thought the whole idea was great and now carries this piece with him everywhere.

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Everson Museum Exhibition

Last Friday I had the honor of being included in the Exhibition of Carved Vases at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Adelaide Robineau’s Scarb Vase. The exhibition will be open for the summer in the beautiful, modern Everson. The museum exhibition includes about 15 pieces by potters from all around the United States including one wonderful one from Hawaii. The exhibition space is stratigically placed just off the lobby on the first floor. The other two pieces I entered in the national competition were selected to be shown at the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery in Syracuse. Here are some pictures from my visit to the museum to see my piece, “New England Trees.” If I look dazed and overwhelmed it because I was.

Here I am with my idol’s famous piece, “The Scarab Vase.” I was awe-struck to see it in person. It is even more beautiful when you see the delicate turquoise glaze that just highlights parts of the vase. How DID she do that? As far as I am concerned it is one of the wonders of the world. My world, for sure.


The Clayscapes Pottery Studio and Gallery were one of the sponsors of the competion along with the museum and regional arts and potter’s councils. Most potters sent in from 1 to 3 entries to the competition. Out of those entered the judges picked about 50 I believe to be shown in the gallery and with another 15 going to the museum. The pictures below are just a few of the many outragiously beautiful and intrically carved vases that came from all over the country to this competition. After seeing the gallery show I was even more honored just to be exhibited along with them.
Here are the four pieces that make up my, “Georgia Wood” entry at the gallery.
My other piece, “Seashore”, is the the fourth one on the second shelf on the left. Smaller pieces were exhibited on the walls on two sides of the gallery.
Now then look at the competition. These are just a few of the amazing pieces entered in the competition.

The first looks like real birch wood. I’d love to know how the artist just glaze to get that realistic effect. These other two pieces give you just an idea of the quality of work pottery carvers are doing. I have much to aspire to.
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The Adelaide Robineau Scarab Vase

This is the acclaimed Adelaide Robineau Scarab Vase. She was a Syracuse, New York ceramicist. One of the few women cramicists at the turn of the century. She threw and carved the piece in 1910. She claimed it took her 1,000 hours to finish the beautiful piece and it is best known as “The Apotheosis of The Toiler.” In celebration of the completion of the Scarab Vase the Everson Museum in Syracuse in conjunction with the Onondaga Park Association, the Syracuse Ceramics Guild and Clayscapes Pottery sponsored a Carved Vase Contest. In addition to presenting the winners of the contest, there will be many special activities at the museum, a special showing of carved pottery selected from the entrants to the competition at the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery and a house tour on Robineau Road.

I am pleased to say that three of my pieces were selected by the judges. Two of them will go to the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery show and one of them will be exhibited with the Scarab Vase and other famous Robineau pieces in the 100th Anniversary special exhibit at the Everson Museum during the month of June. I am more than honored to be included in both shows.
The piece on the left entitled “New England Trees,” an English porcelain piece with lid, will be on exhibit at the Everson Museum beginning June 12th.
The piece (left), “Seashore,” and the one below, “Georgia Wood,”,will be on display at the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery in Syracuse for the month of June.
All three pieces are available through Clayscapes Pottery.
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I just went upstate New York to Peekskill to pick up some pieces of pottery that were woodfired for me. Here they are. Although I don’t feel that generally my style of throwing and carving are the best choice for woodfiring, I did enjoy the experience and think I had some real good luck with these. These are simply woodfires with no glaze. Amazing results. Many of the other pieces in this same kiln-load had great color and texture. Some of the results were surprising and unlike any of the others. It’s always Christmas morning when you unload a woodfire or a raku kiln. I love it. I am a kid at heart and at art.

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