Yunomi Cups

Yunomi cups are the every day tea cups that Japanese people use.  The Greenwich House Pottery Studio and Gallery in Greenwich Village in Manhattan recently sponsored a national competition focussing on Yunomi cups.  Here are the 7 I made.  I entered 3 in the competition.  I’ll know on March 21st if any of them were accepted.  I learned so much from this exercise that I have won already.  I learned to make more than one piece if it really mattered to me how a final one –or 3- turned out.  I learned to work smaller than I ever do.  I learned to carve small pieces.  I got back in touch with

English porcelain which I love.  I learned to paint bisque pieces with mason stain slip–not easy on small pieces.  And I learned to try new things–always an event at my age.

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