The Adelaide Robineau Scarab Vase

This is the acclaimed Adelaide Robineau Scarab Vase. She was a Syracuse, New York ceramicist. One of the few women cramicists at the turn of the century. She threw and carved the piece in 1910. She claimed it took her 1,000 hours to finish the beautiful piece and it is best known as “The Apotheosis of The Toiler.” In celebration of the completion of the Scarab Vase the Everson Museum in Syracuse in conjunction with the Onondaga Park Association, the Syracuse Ceramics Guild and Clayscapes Pottery sponsored a Carved Vase Contest. In addition to presenting the winners of the contest, there will be many special activities at the museum, a special showing of carved pottery selected from the entrants to the competition at the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery and a house tour on Robineau Road.

I am pleased to say that three of my pieces were selected by the judges. Two of them will go to the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery show and one of them will be exhibited with the Scarab Vase and other famous Robineau pieces in the 100th Anniversary special exhibit at the Everson Museum during the month of June. I am more than honored to be included in both shows.
The piece on the left entitled “New England Trees,” an English porcelain piece with lid, will be on exhibit at the Everson Museum beginning June 12th.
The piece (left), “Seashore,” and the one below, “Georgia Wood,”,will be on display at the Clayscapes Pottery Gallery in Syracuse for the month of June.
All three pieces are available through Clayscapes Pottery.
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