I just went upstate New York to Peekskill to pick up some pieces of pottery that were woodfired for me. Here they are. Although I don’t feel that generally my style of throwing and carving are the best choice for woodfiring, I did enjoy the experience and think I had some real good luck with these. These are simply woodfires with no glaze. Amazing results. Many of the other pieces in this same kiln-load had great color and texture. Some of the results were surprising and unlike any of the others. It’s always Christmas morning when you unload a woodfire or a raku kiln. I love it. I am a kid at heart and at art.

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  1. Tom, it’s a pleasure to see your work and to read your weblog. I’m a good friend of Jeff Gould — a former student of his — who has happily reconnected through the chance meeting online via our respective websites. Small world, with a large heart. He told me of your work, and very glad to know it. I look forward to any of your upcoming exhibitions and would be very happy to include your link on my website The Artpoint. All the best,

    Philip F Clark

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