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Thomas McCarley works predominantly in porcelain, but tries to experience other types of clay a few times a year. He is best known for carving decorative feet out of the bottoms of his pottery. Many of his pieces display his talent for carving Art Deco inspired designs and also Chinese words, people’s initials and names and many varieties of fish and flora into and out of his pieces.

Potter At Work He also experiments with different types of tops for certain pieces as well as naturally occurring or commercial additions in the form of handles.

His work has been seen in New York City at the MDH Fine Arts Gallery in Chelsea and in the Moonlight Studio and Gallery in Sharon Springs, NY near Cooperstown. His studio is the Chelsea Ceramics Guild in Manhattan. In September 2008, he was selected to be exhibited at the 11th Anniversary Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition at the Nippon Gallery in New York City.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Your work is beautiful and I love the website and how it flows. Please keep me posted on your exhibitions, etc.

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